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The Perfect Front-End Development Set-Up

TL;DR;: I am using Grunt and Gulp for my front-end development set-up (with the little help of Yeoman).

Recently discovered this little post on DN, which covers many ways of how the front-end development setup could look like. So, I commented on this post to leave my opinion of the perfect front-end development setup. This blog post should extend my opinion stated in the comment.

 Why not just use MAMP as the author stated?

MAMP is a solution stack composed of free and open-source and proprietary commercial software used together to run dynamic web sites on Apple Macintosh computers.

Sure, MAMP is a nice tool and I also started using this in my early career of web development, but it’s a full tool of PHP, MySQL and Apache. You can just have one web server started simultaneously, if you want more, you need to purchase MAMP PRO for 39 EUR (ca. 48$). So, there are many things, that my...

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Thoughts: Dribbble is for pixels, Behance is for visions

I recently came across a tweet that I retweeted some time ago from Julius Koroll, a designer from Germany. After reading that tweet I thought about this specific tweet.
I personally like both very much and I am using both (Here you can see my Dribbble and Behance profiles)

I am browsing Dribbble and Behance every day, when I am searching for inspiration for a new project I am currently working on. But when I do, one thing stays the same every day: The quality of work.

Have a look at dribbble. All I see at the popular page are so called ‘shots’ that are beautiful and composed awesome. Beauty is everything and user experience is just at second place of the deal. You can see small shot’s that are about 400x300 (WxH) pixels and you cant see nothing, but a small area of a big screen. Beauty matters.

If you are browsing through Behance, or even some news pages like and

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